Hey y’all! We’re a queer-owned indie press based in Colorado.🌈

Beyond The Veil Press was founded in Spring 2021 by two SCAD graduates, Sarah Herrin (they/them) and Josiah Callaway (he/him). Our belief in the combined power of art + words is our driving force. We think the beauty and delicacy of illustration only amplifies the brevity and impact of poetry. After working together on multiple projects for over a decade(!), we noticed the lack of cross-genre poetry publishers and decided to create our own mid-pandemic.

True to our name, we love all things spooky. We seek to incorporate themes of the paranormal & supernatural in our work both visually and emotionally. Beyond The Veil is an invitation to peer into the mysterious unknown.

As strong advocates of Mental Health Awareness, we donate 10% of anthology book sales to featured mental health non-profits. We publish creators all over the world and seek to build a global community. You are not alone.

We are essentially a non-profit without the backing donors. Our staff is entirely volunteers. Any profits go back into the press to support promo material, limited inventory, and fees for creating manuscripts and marketing content. Thank you for supporting small business!