Heretic by Kristy Webster

a story of spiritual liberation in poems

$15.00 / $9.99


Should you want to leave, / you must first break / the soft, terrible neck / of your own fear.

Queer Latina author Kristy Webster’s first chapbook, Heretic in an incendiary collection of poems following the path of liberating oneself from a religious cult.

Webster writes to reclaim her power, to uncover the grave of herself and climb into the moonlight, transformed into something more than human.

Anti/Muse Adult Coloring Book (pdf download) by Josiah Callaway

an adult coloring book with illustrations from the poetry chapbook




This digital coloring book features 10 illustrations from our poetry chapbook Anti/Muse with illustrations by Josiah Callaway. Each artwork prints at 11×8.5 (landscape) and has space for your own poem, journaling, or sketching. Instant PDF file download so you can print and color right away.

Anthology 2: Tea With My Monster

our 2nd mental health awareness anthology


JUNE 2022 / reformatted SEPT 2022

Our second anthology Tea With My Monster has recently been reformatted to contain BOTH volumes: poetry + art AND prose. It is a whopping 162 pages, featuring 64 poets & artists from across the globe. ​​​​​​​​

This collection speaks on themes of mental health awareness including struggling, coping, and healing. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​By sharing our stories, we learn that we are never alone.

We donate 10% of each sale to a mental health non-profit.

Anti/Muse by Sarah Herrin & Josiah Callaway

an illustrated poetry chapbook




Sarah Herrin’s poetry book includes artwork by Josiah Callaway. These 30 poems will take you on a journey from the depths of heartbreak and betrayal, to the reclaiming of self and purpose. Originally only available through Kickstarter, we have produced a revised paperback version.

Anthology 1: There Is A Monster Inside That I Am Learning To Love

our 1st mental health awareness anthology

$15.00 / $9.99



Our first anthology, There Is A Monster Inside That I Am Learning To Love, weighs in at 80 pages and features 35 poets & artists from around the world. It focuses on mental health specifically through the lens of monsters!

As of Sept 2022, it has been updated with a new cover and samples of our other titles: Anti/Muse and Heretic.

We donate 10% of each sale to a mental health non-profit.