We’re an indie press founded in March 2021 and based in Colorado. We are queer owned.🌈

Sarah Herrin | (Co-founder) Lead Editor / Graphic Design / Marketing & Communications

Sarah (they/she) is a queer poet based in Colorado. Their background is in storytelling and creative writing (BFA/SCAD). They continue their poetry education through workshops at Hugo House, Lighthouse, The Poetry Lab, and more. As a survivor of sexual assault (2021), they have experienced the healing power of art firsthand. Along with professional therapy, writing helps them manage PTSD, depression, and anxiety and promotes healing.

Find their work on Instagram: @_sarahherrin

AJ Wojtalik | Asst Editor / Publicist / Marketing & Communications

AJ (she/her) is a writer from Colorado, balancing her craft with raising a remarkable tween wolf and rambling around in nature as much as possible — all of which shows up in her writing (and her zoom calls). She has worked for a couple of small presses and loves to connect art and community.

Find her on Instagram: @ajwojtalik.poetry

Mr Bitey | Manager

Mr Bitey aka Hero is a tough manager to please, as he mostly wants to chew on things. What he lacks in boundaries, he makes up in cuddles. This dapper gentleman is an Aries and he knows it.


Josiah Callaway | (Co-founder) Logo Design

A curious creature of the night, Josiah (he/him) is an avid illustrator and graphic designer who roams the wilderness of Tennessee. With the arcane powers of creativity, he enjoys bringing to life whimsical monsters.